A collection of works that masque themselves in the form of something else. For example, documents like receipts, art exhibit catalog entries and recipes can contain stories within them, while also functioning as what they are. Similarly, letters, newspaper ads, and even quizzes can veil a creative narrative, allowing multiple stories to be told at once. Tucked inside Masques are a variety of narratives that are designed to mimic these authentic documents.

Publication Date: February 2018
Edition size: 200
Price: $15.00

Book Details and Edition

Dimensions: 8.75"x5.75"
Binding: Hard case
Paper: Various
Cover: Paper printed with a custom design
ISBN: 978-0-9984865-0-5
Price: $15.00

Contributing Authors

  • Andrea Bock
  • Brianna Bullen
  • Stephanie Butler
  • Ken Cenicola
  • Carrie Cook
  • Tish Davidson
  • Shastra Deo
  • li>Robert Douglas Friedman
  • Lois Marie Harrod
  • Becca Borawski Jenkins
  • Kate Kastelein
  • Susan Bass Marcus
  • Luci Moody
  • Emma Munro
  • Louis P. Nappen
  • Jen OConnor
  • Wilna Panagos
  • Julia Partington
  • Jessy Randall
  • Emma Roth
  • Jennifer Saunders
  • Roger Sippl
  • Noel Sloboda
  • J. J. Steinfeld
  • Charika Swanepoel
  • Kwan Ann Tan
  • Whitney Trang
  • Anusha VR
  • Dov Weinman
  • Iris Wright