Michael Seese

by Jun 12, 2023

Michael Seese is a former journalist, but his current day job is in information security for a regional bank. Or, as his son could say at age 3, “Daddy keeps people’s money safe.” He has published four books: The Secret World Of Gustave Eiffel, Haunting Valley, Scrappy Business Contingency Planning and Scrappy Information Security. Recent short credits include “Never Mind The Nonsense, Here’s The Sex Truncheons” (in A Clockwork Orchard: Rivets & Rain, May December Pubs.), “Worm Herding” (in BUGS, Pill Hill Press) and “The Daily Caffeine Stream” (in Overplay/Underdone, Medusa’s Laugh Press). Other than that, he spends his spare time rasslin’ with three young’uns. Visit www.MichaelSeese.com “to laugh with me or at me.”