An anthology of poetry in the 3rd dimension. These 22 selections were conceived and constructed in tiers/layers. They are printed on multiple, overlaid, transparent or semi-transparent sheets. More details follow the specifications.

Publication Date: MArch 2013
Edition size: 200
Price: $35.00

Book Details and Edition

Dimensions: 9-1/8″ x 8-5/8″
Binding: Longstitch
Paper: Mohawk superfine
Spine: Leather
Cover: Skivertex Chevo
Endsheets: Canson Mi-Tientes Sky Blue
ISBN: 978-0-9771680-6-4

Contributing Authors

  • Elliott batTzedek
  • Susan Beem
  • Ashini J. Desai
  • Peg Duthie
  • Jessica Jacobs
  • Christopher Janke
  • Danuta E. Kosk‑Kosicka
  • Richard Kostelanetz
  • Eleonora Luongo
  • Natalie Moores
  • Laurie Price
  • Jessy Randall
  • Ruth Sabath Rosenthal
  • Michael Seese
  • Aftab Shaikh
  • David Sklar
  • Changming Yuan
  • Layering Example

    The banner at the top of the page shows an example of layering. It uses a found poem constructed of phrases from various pieces in Overplay/Underdone:

    Poem 1

    Poem 2

    Poem 3

    anguish is a streak shimmering white against a cutout azure

    the shadow of your scrutiny leaves an impression light chimes at the strike

    anguish is white a cutout of your scrutiny leaves an impression light at the strike

    a streak shimmering against azure the shadow chimes