An anthology comprised of poetry and short stories that have unexpected twists. These surprises occur anywhere throughout the narrative and take on many different forms, but they all have one thing in common: the capacity to shock. The more mind-bending, the better.

Publication Date: February 2018
Edition size: 200
Price: $15.00

Book Details and Edition

Dimensions: 9" x 5-15/16"
Binding: Hardcover Case
Paper: TBD
Cover: Paper printed with a custom design
ISBN: 978-0-9984865-1-2

Contributing Authors

  • Sarah Bigham
  • Kim Bond
  • Michelle Brooks
  • Stephanie Butler
  • Bob Carlton
  • Andrea Chesman
  • Susan Cornford
  • Tracy Davidson
  • Merridawn Duckler
  • Jack Granath
  • Wiebo Grobler
  • Lizzie Holden
  • Kenneth Holt
  • Tushar Jain
  • Charles Leggett
  • Kenneth Levine
  • Fred McGavran
  • Afzal Nusker
  • James Pascoe
  • Michelle Perry
  • Anton Rojkov
  • J. J. Steinfeld